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Dear Reader,

I’m not going to belabor the point.

I value my time and I hope you value yours.

So let’s skip the intro and get right down to brass tacks.

If you’re trying to do this whole “make money online” thing, and you want a life of freedom, financial freedom, locational freedom, you want to be able to travel, buy nice things, support yourself using nothing but a laptop and an Internet connection, work on your time, do what you love, all that…

And have either tried and failed, or have yet to get started because you don’t know where to start…

I want to tell you something I wish someone had told me 5 years ago.

Because if I had known this?

I’d have been rich by the time I turned 16, instead of just starting to get rich at the age of 21.

If you know this, you will have an incredible advantage over your competition, and in many ways, be able to “shortcut” your way to success.

While everyone else struggles.


Fails over and over.

And eventually, quits.

You’ll be on the fast-track to making your first dollars (+ many more) online, even while doing less work than the other guys.

So, what I want to tell you is this:

There’s no such thing as “making money.”

(Yes, really…)

There’s not “making money,” there’s only taking money from other people and putting it in your own pocket.

I know that may sound a bit sketchy, so let me explain.

Because once you understand this, and you understand what to say and how to say it to actually make people want to give you their money?

That’s when the blindfold comes off.

That’s when everything starts to “click.”

That’s when you start making money.

I know, because I’m a first-hand example.

Just a year ago I was broke as joke and delivering pizza.

I was in college.

I was going into massive debt for a piece of paper that, at best, would get me a decent paying job building someone else’s empire. And at worst, would land me a job at Starbucks making $12/hour, living at home, etc.

But now?

Things couldn’t be any more different.

Because at the beginning of this year, I dropped out.

And, started on a journey to support myself solely from online ventures, and learn how to take other peoples’ money and put it on my own pocket.

Little did I know that, using the little-known skill I'm about to share with you, you can not only support yourself...

You can start building an empire.

You can make more than your old college professors within just a couple months. You can travel, buy nice things, move out of mom’s house, get a new car, make money from anywhere so long as you have your laptop and an Internet connection…

And do so with complete and utter financial and locational freedom.

Hell, you can even make money in your sleep!

And, that's exactly what I did.

And continue to every single day.

Now, maybe you don’t care much about these kinds of things.

And that’s fine.

(Truth be told, all the flashy stuff doesn’t mean jack compared to the feeling of knowing you’ll never struggle to pay rent, or put food on the table, or ever have to worry about money in general again til the day you die…)

But if making money from your laptop is something you’re interested in, I want you to know that understanding this concept of “taking peoples’ money” is the key to all of it.

More specifically, the key is understanding exactly how to make other people want to give you their hard-earned money.

That’s the tough part.

That’s where most people fail.

The good news is, it’s actually very simple!

And, can be learned as soon as today, through this little skill called “copywriting.”

Copywriting, essentially, is sales in the written word.

It’s sales.

It’s persuasion.

It’s moving people to take action.

It’s using words to move people to take their hard-earned money, and put it in your pocket.

You may not have realized it, but every piece of marketing or advertising you’ve seen in your entire life, if it had words in it (which it probably did…), those words were crafted very intentionally to get you to take your money and put it in someone else’ pocket.

Long story short, that’s copywriting.

And if you’re good at it?

You can make a whole helluva lot of money without a whole helluva lot of work.

I know, because I did it.

And, this is exactly how:

First, I wrote copy as a freelancer for other businesses (and even managed to land a multi-7-figure supplement company as client…).

Then, took what I learned as a freelancer and applied it to e-commerce.

A few short months later, I was making hundreds of dollars pure profit per day (essentially on autopilot) with Shopify.

(In fact, I still am…)

Next, I used my copy skillz to build a personal brand on Twitter.

I went from 50 followers to over 10,000 in less than a year.

And, built a rabidly engaged community of over 3,000 smart people as of writing this (not sure what it’s at now) through my email list, that you yourself may even be apart of!

Now, I’m applying my copy know-how to a whole bunch of other businesses, too.

The reason I tell you all this?

No, not to brag.

But to illustrate just how much you can do (and how much money you can make…) in a very short period of time, even if you have no prior experience, don’t know a lick about marketing or business, and have no results to speak of...

If you simply learn, understand, and apply these basic principles of copywriting.

Because as I said earlier:

That’s exactly what copywriting is.

It’s understanding what to say and how to say it to make people want to give you their money.

The specific business model doesn’t even matter all that much.

Because when you understand this stuff, you can really be successful at just about anything.

I don’t care who you are or what you do.




Affiliate marketing.

Info marketing.

Personal branding.

Social media marketing.


Hell, even brick and mortar.

There’s simply no business in existence that wouldn’t make more sales with someone who knows copywriting at the helm.

Now, maybe you’re a complete beginner.

Maybe you don’t already have a business.

Maybe you have no idea where to start.

I know how overwhelming it can be, because not too long ago I was in the exact same position, too.

But, I can tell you right now:

If you have no idea where to start, start here.

It’s exactly what I did, and while I may be a special case in the fact that I started making money pretty fast...

There’s just absolutely zero way learning this stuff won’t result in you “short-cutting” the immense failure most people endure before they succeed.

It’s just impossible.

Because, as I said earlier, the only way to make money is take other peoples’ money.

And that’s the entire essence of copywriting itself.

Writing words that make other people want to take their money and put it in your pocket.

So, regardless of whether or not you decide to buy this product, I hope you at bare minimum realize just how crucial this stuff is to your success.

I’ve been able to achieve some pretty nutty things in a pretty short period of time, and I owe my understanding of copywriting to all of it.

Without it, I’d be nothing.




I mean this when I say it:

Copywriting is the entire reason for my success.

Which, is exactly why I’m writing this here sales letter to you today.

Because I want to get this knowledge into as many hands as physically (or in this case, digitally) possible.

Essentially, I’ve taken every single bit of copywriting, sales, marketing, and persuasion knowledge I’ve obtained since I started making money, and condensed it all into one comprehensive, easy to consume, and easy to refer back to course.

It’s called “Brain Dead Simple Copy.”

And it’s designed to be the simplest, fastest, and most effective way to learn copywriting.

So simple in fact, a brain dead monkey could do it!

Because I’ll be honest, there’s about a million different books, ebooks, articles, etc. on copywriting.

And you certainly can and should learn from them.

But, that takes a lot of time.

I know, because I did it.

So, BDSC is essentially your shortcut to learning copywriting.

Instead of having to painstakingly spend hundreds of hours combing through dozens of different resources, applying what you learn, seeing what works and what doesn’t on your own dime like I did…

You can get all the knowledge I obtained through legitimate thousands of hours of actual, real world application and trial and error.

You can get it all in one place.

With absolutely zero fluff.

Nothing but pure, directly actionable information on the specific copywriting principles, strategies, and tactics that have put multiple 6-figures in my pocket in just a short matter of months, that if you actually apply, can undoubtedly do the same (or even more) for you.

From sales emails to landing pages to Facebook ads to even simple tweets, I’ve essentially done the hard work for you.

Now, if you want results like this, will you have to put in the work?

Yes, absolutely.

Nothing happens without action.

This is not a “get rich quick” kind of thing.

This is a “learn the principles of copywriting so you can go out, do the work, and get rich for sure” kind of thing.

Anywho, enough blabbering.

If you made it this far, I’m guessing you’d like to know exactly what you’ll be getting for your money before you pull the trigger.

So, should you decide to invest the (in my opinion, entirely too inexpensive) amount of $467 to get inside BDSC, here’s what you’ll find…


How being able to write good copy is an evil superpower (persuasion is a very powerful thing that can be used for good or evil, so be careful with the power you wield…)

Why learning copywriting has nothing to do with reading copywriting books (I’ve only read 2-3 in my entire life, and credit much more of my success to other methods, which I detail in-depth here)

The brain-dead simple 7 step process for turning your $467 investment in BDSC into $1,000 or more (most people won’t do this because it actually requires work, but if followed to a T, this process can easily net you much more than $1,000)


Why most copywriters make jack diddly (there’s one type of copywriting that’s 100x more profitable than anything else, which is the only kind we focus on here)

What your 9th grade English teacher doesn’t want you to know about writing words that sell (and why you’ll need to forget everything they taught you if you want even a slight chance at writing good copy)

How taking money straight from the pockets of other people is actually the most ethical thing you could do (and how to do it in a way that makes them rabid to give you their money over and over again)

The only metric you need to pay attention to make your first $1,000 online (most people make this way more complicated than it has to be, resulting in miserable failure after miserable failure, something I show you exactly how to avoid)


The little-known (and highly profitable) way to write copy that sells, without writing at all (late, great copywriter Gene Schwartz said, “Great copy isn’t written, it’s assembled,” and once you understand exactly what this means, writing persuasive copy becomes as easy as getting a glass of water)

28 examples of “short circuits” in the human brain that you can leverage as soon as today to easily and ethically “force” people to buy from you (since I discovered these, I’ve never written an ad without touching on at least 3)

How one man made 6-figures writing about prostate problems without even mentioning a product or service (it’s hard to explain, but if you do it the way I show you, you can make a whole helluva lot of sales without even mentioning what you’re selling at all)

What Ferrari salesman know about selling that you don’t (hint: there’s a reason they’re not at Toyota…)

Why making people feel negative emotions is one of the easiest, quickest, and most ethical ways to sell (while very effective, you have to be careful, because if you do it wrong, it can quickly become extremely unethical and even illegal in some cases)

7-figure copy secrets of a morbidly obese comedian (he's dead now, but something he did just before his death was pure copy magic, and I show you how you can use it as soon as today to make more sales)

Why speaking a lick about the product you’re selling before touching on this one thing is strangling your sales at the source (and why in many cases, you’d be better off not even mentioning your product at all!)

My “Seal Team Six” copy weapon for easily and ethically “forcing” people to buy from me (really, if you only knew this and this alone, you’d still make more than 95% of people out there who call themselves “copywriters”…)

The disgruntling difference between persuasion and convincing (if you don’t understand this, it’s very likely your copy will come off as “salesy,” something that kills conversions faster than NASCAR)

Why, if you’re trying to get into freelancing, calling yourself a “copywriter” is the worst thing you could do (I made this mistake starting out, which is why it took me 2 months to get my first client instead of the 2 days it’d take me now)

4 specific examples of copy I wrote that made people buy now, not later (if they don’t buy now, they likely never will, so I show you the 2 main things I do in almost every piece of copy to get the sale right then and there)

How to use stupidity to make more sales (it’s counterintuitive, but the dumber your copy sounds, the more sales you’ll make)

11 ways to write copy that’s more entertaining than the circus (even the slightest bit of boredom in your copy means less people will read it, and if less people read it, less people will buy from it)

What Jeff Bezos knows about selling that you don’t (this is Amazon’s “secret” weapon, and I use it as much as possible because it’s one of the easiest ways to make more sales)

The million dollar anti-copy “trick” QVC uses in all their informercials to sell like hell (it has nothing to do with copy, and doesn’t work for everything, but when it works, it works so well it almost seems like magic)


2 “handed to you on a silver platter” copy formulas responsible for generating 6-figures in sales for me in the last 3 months alone (first one is common sense, but the second one is much less “known” and also works much better in my experience)

Hollywood’s disgusting copy secret (there’s a few reasons Hollywood makes so much money, and this is the main one in my opinion)

The “miserly introvert’s” blueprint for writing words that people can’t help but read and buy from (most people hate reading, but when you write like this, you make it near impossible for them to STOP reading!)

Why I use copious amounts of swear words and slang in my copy (and how it’s directly responsible for making me more sales)

2 sales-strangling copy mistakes 95% of newbies make (just avoiding these two things will put you miles ahead of the rest, but it’s hard at first because it requires forgetting everything you currently know about writing)

How I turned a bout of explosive diarrhea into over $1,000 in sales (yes, this actually happened, and it’s a funny story with a whole lot of marketing lessons embedded inside)

My “ruthless” 5 step editing process for turning loose, rookie-level copy into a tight, persuasive, sales-generating machine (starting out, your copy will likely be terrible, but if you edit it this way, it will improve drastically very quickly, saving you hours of time of writing “practice” copy)


Can’t tell you what’s in this section, just gonna have to get inside to find out ;)

And, that's what you'll find inside Brain Dead Simple Copy.

At the moment, it's only $467.

As time goes on I will be taking the feedback I get from students and adding more bonus content as well. Once I add bonus content, the price will be increasing significantly. However, if you get inside before then, you'll get the bonus content for 100% free, and have access to it for life.

So, if you're ready to invest in yourself, and ready to learn the principles of copywriting and how to make other people want to give you their money...

Just click the big purple "Enroll in Course for $467" button below.

From there you'll be taken to a secure checkout page where you can enter your information and get immediate, lifetime access to Brain Dead Simple Copy.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you take advantage of all the work I've put into this.

Nate Schmidt

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